Jade Eagle offers a variety of framed and unframed decorations to decorate the walls of your home, office, or restaurant. These hand-made and hand-painted products include straw collages, colored sand mosaics, silk embroideries and paintings.


Wheat Stalk

This traditional Chinese handicraft takes scraps of wheat straw and transforms them into an elegant, three dimensional form of art.

Pile of Straw

The straw is pressed and cut into the desired shapes. To add detail, heat is then carefully applied to certain parts of the straw to “toast” it to darker shades of brown.

In traditional pieces of art, the colors are demure and serene--limited to the straw’s natural light tan color and various shades of golden brown. In recent years, some craftsmen have begun to stain the straw to add striking colors.

Either way they are made, these handmade crafts add a touch of culture and art to any wall.

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"Sand Mosaics"

Our "sand mosaics" are created by employing a variation of the technique used to produce cloisonné enamelware.
Pile fo Colored Sand Artisan Making Sand Mosaic

These handmade wall hangings are made from the adhesion of colored sand rather than paint. Copper wiring is used to form layered outlines, resulting in a finished product that has depth and seems to leap out of the frame.

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Silk is the fabric of the Orient. Throughout history it is been used not only to make clothing but also decorative pieces of art.
Spools of Silk Lady stitching embroidery

These beautiful embroideries depict flowers and natural scenery. The silk threads shimmer when light hits them at an angle. They make perfect year-round or seasonal wall decorations.

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