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The use of clay as a medium for art and a material for construction goes back several millennia, especially in the Far East. The Jomon culture of prehistoric Japan produced some of the oldest known pottery in the world. The Chinese particularly excelled in producing ceramics. The inventions of celadon and porcelain with their advanced techniques of glazing and firing made Chinese ceramics famous around the world.

Jade Eagle is happy to provide both decorative pieces and functional, food-safe tableware. We offer lines of Chinese Celadonware, Japanese Noodle Bowls and hand-made Mino ceramics, tea accessories and hand-painted porcelain soap dishes.

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The term "celadon" is now used to denote a light green color, but originally it was used to denote a class of ceramic characterized by its translucent glaze and soft hues of green and blue. Celadon stoneware was first perfected in Song Dynasty China where it was prized for its jade-like appearance. This style of celadon is not made with any paints or dyes; instead it is made of clay with relatively high iron contents, double-fired at high temperatures and glazed with a slip (mixture of clay and water). Depending on the iron content of the clay used, the slip produces different colors of glaze, including light blue, plum green, grey-blue and dark jadeite green. In some pieces the interior glaze is intentionally crackled. For the glaze to come out correctly, the right clay must be used and temperatures and oxygen levels in the kiln must be carefully controlled. The clean, serene appearance of celadon has been appreciated for centuries.

4 Person Tea Set with Tasses celadon tasses, saucers and teapot 4 Person Tea Set with Teacups fancy teacup with teapot Dark Celadon Teacup
10 ounce dark celadon teacup
Leaf-Shaped Dish
Leaf-shaped Dish
Sushi Dish
Sushi Dish
3 Piece Dish Set
Scalloped Jade Green Dishes
Celadon Vase
Jade Green Vase
Bamboo Motif Mug
Bamboo Shaped Jade Green Mug
Dark Celadon Coffee Mug
18 Ounce Celadon Mug
Artisan Bowl
Hand-made Celadon Bowl
Incense Burners
Jade Green Incense Burner


Small, traditionally-shaped tea bowls, deep multipurpose noodle bowls, and sushi dishes perfectly combine art and function. The handmade Mino series makes exquisite use of color for both tableware and decoration.Sake lovers will also enjoy the shapes and glazes of our new bottle and cup sets. All of our Japanese tableware products are made in Japan.

6½" Blue & White Noodle Bowl
Blue and White Donburi Bowl
7" Black Noodle Bowl
Black Japanese Bowl
5 Piece Set of 5" Tea Bowls
Blue and White Rice Bowl
10" Fish Pattern Noodle Bowl
Japanese Noodle Bowl with Fish Design
Mino Vase
Turquoise and Brown Vase
6.5" Mino Noodle Bowl
Teal and Brown Vase
5 Person Mino Tea Set Handmade Japanese Tea Cups 7" Fish Pattern Noodle Bowl
Blue Fish Pattern Donburi Bowl
Small Maple Leaf Dish
Maple Leaf Dish
7.5" Striped Black&Grey Noodle Bowl
Black and Grey Japanese Bowl
7"Kura-Ryoku Noodle Bowl Dark Green Japanese Bowl Kura-Ryoku Sushi Plates
Dark Green Sushi Dishes
Rice Grain Sake Set
Rice Grain Sake Set
Blue Fuku Sake Set
Round Blue Sake Set
Green Irabo Sake Set
Green Sake Set with 4 Cups
Rustic Brown Tea Set
Brown Japanese Tea Set


Our selection of non-celadon Chinese ceramics focuses on functional teaware and hand-painted vases and tableware.

Tea Infuser Mug
Tea Infuser Mug
4 Pc Set of Appetizer Bowls
Oriental Appetizer Bowls
6 Person Lotus Motif Tea Set
6 Person Lotus Flower Tea Set
Porcelain Chopsticks
Porcelain Chopsticks


These hand-painted porcelain soap dishes add a flash of color to kitchens and bathrooms. They also make for small candy or jewelry dishes. Designed by Ms. K. Lehman, they feature floral and natural motifs. Dimensions: 3.5 x 5 inches.

PeacockPeacock Soapdish CanarySmall Canary Dish Butterflies
Butterflies Jewelry Dish
PeoniesPeonies Dish
HollyHoliday Soap Dish IrisPurple Flower Soap Dish TropicalTropical Flower Soap Dish ORDER SOAP DISHES HERE

$8.25 a dish
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