Jade Eagle also offers a small selection of unique jewelry and accessories for personal adornment including copper & gemstone jewelry; scarves; evening bags; compact mirrors and jewelry boxes.



We are honored to purvey a limited selection of copper, sterling and gemstone jewelry designed and assembled by New York's Kim Young.

From light and elegant to bold and funky, Miss Young is devoted to creating one-of-a-kind jewelry with natural stones and materials.

Special for Jade Eagle, Miss Young has put her ingenuity to use by incorporating materials like jade, porcelain, pearl and abalone mother of pearl to create pieces with a Far East flare.

Why Copper?  Copper is unique among the metals for its warm hue and its ability to easily complement all different skin tones. Light-weight in comparison to gold and silver, copper is ideal for making earrings that are both long and light at the same time.

A fine piece of copper jewelry makes a great gift. It's an affordable alternative to gold and because it contains no nickel or any other base metal, it rarely ever causes any allergic reactions.


Porcelain Flower Charm Earrings



Porcelain Longevity Charm Earrings


Pearl Strand Earrings



Beaded Hoop Earrings


Vibrant Mother of Pearl Earrings






With the cold weather fast approaching, adorn and keep warm with our scarves.

We offer both velvet-flocked and raw silk scarves.


Korean Lacquerware

These stunning jewelry boxes and compact mirrors are crafted in the time-honored Korean tradition. Made of lacquered wood and inlaid with fine mother of pearl, the foldable jewelry boxes are quite literally jewels in their own right. The faces of the compact mirrors are made with the same techniques, and are then mounted in polished stainless steel frames.