We offer a variety of bamboo products, including serving trays, floor mats, table mats, chopsticks, picture frames and baskets.

Bamboo is actually a giant grass; its stalks grow in columns and have hollow centers. It makes for a strong material and is cool to the touch. In the Far East it is commonly used in flooring, bedding, tableware, basketry and construction. Bamboo products have a clean, natural look.

Bamboo is a green alternative to wood and plastic. Due to its short growth cycle, bamboo stalks grow quickly and can be harvested earlier than trees can. Moreover, harvesting a stalk rarely kills a plant, as new stalks can grow back quickly from its unique root system.

Please click on the thumbnail photos below for full-size photos and product descriptions. For floor mats & table mats, please click here.

colored spacerTRAYS
2 Pc Bamboo Cane Tray Set
Green Bamboo Cane Tray
2 Pc Wickered Bamboo Tray Set
Bamboo Wicker Tray Set
3 Pc Solid Bamboo Server Tray Set
Solid Bamboo Tray Set
3 Pc Solid Bamboo Platter Tray Set
Natural Tray Set
colored spacerKITCHENWARE
4 Pc Cooking Utensil Set
Natural Cooking Utensils
Bamboo Salad Bowl
Bamboo Salad Bowl
Bamboo Mortar & Pestle
Mortar & Pestle
Wicker Fruit Basket
Wicker Baskets
colored spacerTEAWARE colored spacerLIGHT FURNISHING
Teapot Set
Bamboo Wicker Tea Set
Tea Serving Board
Hand Made Bamboo Tea Server Board
Bamboo Mats
Bamboo Mats
4 Level Bamboo ShelfFour Level Bamboo Shelf.
colored spacerPHOTO FRAMES
2-Color Bamboo Frames
Two Color Bamboo Photo Frames
Tube-Spliced Bamboo Frames
Spliced Bamboo Cane Photo Frames
Bamboo and Rope Frames
Rope & Bamboo Photo Frames
Diagonal Bamboo Tube Frames
Flower Bamboo Photo Frames
Simple Bamboo Tube Frames
Simple, Inexpensive Bamboo Photo Frames
Rope and Bamboo Lace Frames
Rope and Bamboo Lace Photo Frames
Hanging 3 Pc Bamboo Frame Set
3 Piece Hanging Bamboo Photo Frame Set
Bamboo Chopsticks
4 Level Corner Shelf
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